We needed TIFF PDF Counter to reconcile exported page count with what was expected from our system. The tool counts PDF's very fast: 42,688 pages in 1451 PDF's counted in a few minutes !!!

- Ashley Povey, Salmat.

I have found the PDF page counter to be very handy. I am using it to determine the number of pages within groups of PDFs and using that to determine the time frames and associated costs for completing document editing jobs. It has saved a lot of time, as there is no need to open each file to ascertain the number of pages.

- Jodie Guy, Legal Content Manager.

Image to PDF Converter was very easy to use. I downloaded a few converters that didn't work well and had success with your product on the first try. We have been in business for eighteen years and originally kept images in TIF format. Over time, we started using PDFs and now we want to make all of our customer experiences similar. The first project was converting 8500 TIFF images and your product was great. I pointed to the image folder and clicked to convert. Nothing could've been easier. We have tens of thousands more images to convert and I am eager to get that rolling. Thank You.

- Jay Rosenfield.

We had a very specific requirement of counting the total number of pages within a collection of PDF files within a folder. One of our clients wanted a report based on the number of articles relating to them and we tried a number of other applications and found many of them to be unreliable or did not offer the functionality required, until we found Tiff PDF counter. Prior to this we had a junior member of staff manually counting the PDF pages and this software is saving us quite a few man hours on this basis alone!

- Barry Carnell, , Bite Communications.

Our experience using the TIFF PDF Counter has been great. It's easy to use, fast and effective!
Our business provides document scanning services. It's really important that we have a software where it can give an exact page count as well as provide the export application where we can keep an inventory list of files being processed. It's become a very effective tool that our office uses regularly.

- Paper CUTS Document Solutions of KY.

BANG ON !!! I have to say the program does exactly what you advertise. I use it because electronic blueprint files are provided from the Construction Association in TIF format, and many of the sub trades that I request pricing from cannot properly view these files. So, I have to convert them to PDF so everybody can open them. It is an excellent program with excellent features, and it comes at an excellent price. Can't go wrong with it!

- Marcus Koeck - True Construction Ltd.

We have been using Tiff PDF Counter for at least 3 years and have been very satisfied with it. We run a large-scale digitization project, and we use Tiff PDF counter to verify that we have received from our scanning vendor exactly the amount of scanned pages we are getting billed for.

- Marie Funseth.

We have found the Tiff PDF counter very easy to use and accurate. We use it internally as we have scanned many multi page Tiff images over a few months and need to get an average per file which worked out at 11 pages over some 245,567 files This has eliminated a lot of manual labour and helped enormously.

- Johnny McCullough.

We needed a quick way to quote OCR processing on a page-based level, so TIFF PDF counter makes it very easy for us to tell our clients exactly how much their jobs will cost.

- Alex Rosen, Rosen Litigation Technology Consulting, Inc.

I have some TIFF Files which is giving me problem in converting in almost all the tools I have tried but it works with your tool very well. Well done job.

- Brad Clark.

I needed it to do page counts for about 30 Gig of pdf's i.e several thousand pdf files Great App!!! Tool did exactly what i needed it to... Accurately.

- Abdul Khan.

I really like PDF splitter. It works exactly as advertised and the results are excellent. We use it to convert a large number of multipage TIFF files into single page PDF files, we use this for the second part of the operation. Thank you again, you produce a great product!

- Vince Perriello



This product is a perfect fit for our office. We need to convert several hundred documents from TIFF to PDF every week and this program is flexible with options to meet all our various needs.

- Cheryl.

I love the fact that one counter can Count pages for both TIFFs and PDFs. Much cheaper than other options.

- David J. Nieber, Precision Data Imaging, Inc.

We serve the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry. PDF has become the mainstay for electronic distribution of documents. It has become mandatory that firms such as ours have a utility such as Image to PDF converter. Image to PDF converter has been very helpful to our business. We manage thousands of image files daily and it saves us hours having software that can batch convert images to pdf. Image to PDF converter is very simple to use and much more affordable than some alternatives. Thank you and we will be using your software for years to come.

- Tim Bailey, Horizon Reprographics.

I tested several products before we decided to purchase the Image to PDF Converter. During the testing phase of the project, the single thing that sold me on the purchase of your product was the fact that we had an actual working product that could be used on tiff files that would return us an ENTIRE PDF document, not just the first page or two pages. My experience with the product was quite pleasant. We converted approximately 160,000 tiff images of historical data into PDF files. This process took around 14 hours and the file sizes ranged from less than 1MB to more than 1GB. All in all, it was a great experience.

- Bobby Powell, Montgomery County IT.

I can say that the software has lived up to its advertised purpose very well. My situation was to convert several hundred TIFF images into PDF format which would have taken me days with our current software. However with your programme, I was able to convert all of these files within minutes saving both myself some time and my employer some money.

- Joshua Smith, Online Design & Engineering Ltd.

Our law firm focuses on family law. To become more efficient, we have implemented a new system that allow us to convert all of our client files to an electronic filing system. We would not be able to do this without Image to PDF Converter. This great software gives us the ability to convert all sorts of images and files into pdf files. It is quick and simple to use. I highly recommend it to any office that needs to convert a variety of files to pdf files.
  - Beth Sharp

Your program's interface is very easy to understand and use. Anyone with even a little understanding of how to move around in a PC's file structure, can speedily locate the file they wish to convert, select that file and click the button to convert the file to PDF format.

- Thomas Dyott.

I compared your demo version against two other converters and found it to be the easiest one to work with. Used it for a very large batch of documents (spanning multiple folders) and it worked exactly as advertised. Overall, a really useful and easy to use product.

- Eric Kirschner.

The new version worked perfectly, no hiccup at all. I have converted approximately 25 groups of TIFF images of some 3000 pages each into PDF, or essentially about 75000 conversions. Did them in 3000 image/page chunks consolidated from multiple folders and average conversion was about 4 minutes per three thousand pages, consisted mostly of e mail text images and spread sheet text images. Worked Great. Thanks. Show alter Law Firm

- George Holmes

We needed a tool to convert 400 tiff files to single and multiple page PDF files. This program was the perfect tool for my image to PDF conversion project. It was quick to learn how to use and it did everything I had hoped for with ease and speed. Very user friendly and well-designed program. This tool did all that I had hoped for - and it made the transfer work quick and easy! Thanks so much for a great product!

- Peter Morelli.

We're using Image to PDF Converter as part of a fax management software. We had enough problems with faxes that were received with little mistakes and the software we were using was not able to convert them to pdf. This is perfect and can convert all tiff files, even those with errors.

- Sebastian Carmona

TIFF Combiner is an excellent product - especially for the price -  and it worked extremely well for my needs.  

- April J. Ferguson

My experience with Image to PDF Converter was excellent. It met and exceeded my expectations. I needed to convert 40,000 .tiff files to PDF format. These files were scattered throughout different directories and sub-directories. This tool made it very easy to identify what directories and sub directories contained TIFF files and I could select a group, depending on the resident directory, and convert to PDF. This in turn drops the PDF in the same directory that the TIFF files exist in. I was able to convert, at times, 1,500 TIFF files into PDF in literally a minute or so. Very easy to use, very convenient, and extremely cost effective. Not to mention it saved me a ton of time. Thank you for your software and making my life a heck of a lot easier!

- Ettin Haroutounian.

We needed to be able to modify some scanned documents. When they were scanned the file format was Tiff, and it's easier to modify the PDFs. I had over 10,000 Tiff documents I needed to convert to pdf. Other software I found would either turn each page of the TIFF into a single pdf or all the Tiffs into 1 pdf. Neither option worked. This software converted each TIFF document into a pdf document and did it at a very fast rate. All of my files were converted in a matter of a few hours. It is fast and easy. This converts files fast, the GUI was easy. You could do an entire folder at once and select a different output folder. For what we were doing it fit the bill.

- Kevin Kohl.

We needed it for a project consisting of more than 200 PDFs and wanted to get an idea of the size of the project. It was a 100,000 pages. No training needed. Just install and start using it.


Image to PDF Converter is easy to use and the cost is reasonable. I like the default features for opening Tiff files and saving the PDF files.

- Mark Sisk.

I just finished scanning 245 music notation images to digitize them and put them on my Asus Eee pad. Scanning as a .tiff image give me greater control over the finished scan, but I needed a way to convert the finished scans to .pdf so they could be quickly and easily read on my Eee pad. Image to PDF Converter converted all 245 images to .pdf in less than 20 seconds, put them into a folder to copy to the Eee pad. Now I don't have to lug around heavy books when I play. I couldn't have purchased a better product for my needs.

- Jack Melody

My experience of Image to PDF is Great !!! I use several web based project search sites and in many of them you can download the drawings for free but they are in tiff format and they are very slow to open. Using your application, converting them into a pdf file really saves me a lot of time and time is dollars over a years’ time. It more than pays for the cost of this converter & I have to admit I am no computer savvy but within seconds it was done. Really easy to use.

- Rick Laws, Laws Enterprises

What a brilliant concept! We have to scan a lot of documents and it is better to send them in PDF file so that these files can be easily opened. We are extremely pleased because it takes less time to scan and eFax documents.

- Dr. Holland-Johnson, iGlobal Educational Services.

Very easy to use, this is a straight forward program that does exactly as stated. Thanks for all your hard work making a great and useful software!

- Jerad Trout.

The converter works great. It's fast and easy to use. I needed it to convert photos of documents to pdf's so that I could print more efficiently.

- David H. Milam, Dunlap & Shipman.

I had the need to convert over 2,700 TIFF files to PDF. The program is super easy to use and had my files converted with little effort. the program worked great!!

- Kyle, N3 Systems, LLC.

My experience with TIFF Combiner has been good so far.  I've am working with a lending company that requires much documentation and it must be sent to their website in TIFF format.  However, because I have multipage documents, such as a monthly bank statement, most of the documents are in PDF format.  When you export a PDF formatted document to a TIFF document, Acrobat converts each page into a single document causing a seven page document to become 7 individual documents. With TIFF Combiner, I'm able to combine multiple TIFF files into one file and upload the file to the lender's website simple and quickly.  The GUI is very easy to understand and it's just a matter of dragging the individual documents into the TIFF Combiner screen and clicking the combine button...EASY!

- Gabriel Tapia.

We had paper drawing of each job until about 10 years ago. At that point we started saving all of our design in .tif and .plt format. Over the years, .pdf has become the preferred file type as most PC's have an adobe reader. For some time now I have been wanted to convert all the .tif and .plt files into .pdf format. I did an internet search to find software that could batch convert .tif files into .pdf files. I found you website and downloaded your software. The tool worked great. We had probably 4,000 .tif files that we converted. I appreciate your efforts on this software. It is very easy to use and does a very good job converting .tiff file. The .pdf file it creates is very close to the same size as the .tiff file. I was concerned that it would create a larger file.


- Jim Pierce, Toledo Molding and Die.

PDF SPLITTER is easy to use and a low-cost and valuable tool that helps our law firm deal with productions of documents produced as a single large pdf. This pdf doesn't show where documents begin or end and so we need to split it so that we can code documents as privileged, hot document, and otherwise. PDF Splitter makes it possible for us to do this.

- Chris Cardillo, Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton.

I have been using the Tiff PDF Counter for years now. It is an easy tool to use, gives you the information you need and then you can export the data in an excel sheet, for us that is a great option since we have to give a report to our clients of every document we scanned. We use Tiff PDF Counter to keep track of our scanning jobs and then, based on the information we get, we can charge the client.

- Fabiola Porras Chacón

I bought TIFF Splitter because I am involved in scanning in organizing family historical pictures.  The scanner software is not willing to scan separate tiff images to separate files.  And Photoshop Elements, which I am using for organizing and editing, is unable to separate tiff image pages into separate files or even to see further than the first page. The TIFF Splitter works just fine.  The controls are easy to figure out and it does just what it is supposed to do. Thank you for an efficient utility.

- James Barter

We have tested several other software packages claiming to create tif/tiff images into a single file and none of them have worked, TIFF Combiner has done what it claimed it could do. So far we have only combined a few files but worked great, did the combining very quickly and accurately, there were no distorted images, and no characters where actual letters/words should be. I would recommend this product to anyone needing to create a single tiff file with multiple images.

- Jonathan D. Eby

As the person responsible for maintaining applications and system the support received has been stealer. All my questions have been answered promptly and guidance has been provider in resolving issues. Our financial partners required us to submit data in a single file, TIFF Combiner creates the correct format. My users like the ease of use.

- Louie Astorga

We use TIFF PDF Counter to count PDF files for our internal control and to check how much we are producing. The program is going perfect for our business, meeting all of our expectations.

- Bianca Targão

I've been satisfied with this product. My work involves reading tiff files which don't read well without MODR, which I do not have. So converting them to PDF makes all the difference. Your software does this rapidly & will minimal inconvenience. Thank you for creating it.

- Samuel Landau.

I have been using TIFF PDF counter since 2006 and have found it very useful.
- Colin Holmes

I purchased the software as I needed to convert a lot of multi-page TIFF files to PDF to meet our Records Management Standards. The software does exactly what I need it to do and it does it very well. To date I have had no issues at all and enjoy the way it all works.

- Neil Alexander.

I need it because my scanner makes complex tiff-files when scanning more than one picture in one moment. The program works fast and safe. It's a good program.

- Arne Hjorth.

Tiff Combiner works great for us.. We are a trucking company and use Tiff Combiner to merge driver paperwork, logs, Bills of Lading, etc.. Into 1 tiff file that we link into our databases for reviewing purposes.

- Tim Cloud, Vice President, Apollo Logistics.

AWESOME product! I needed the product to collect data from on line education courses. I needed the information to be turned into text and downloaded into a format like MS Word.

- Wallace Rose.

The scanner we have only scan PDF documents. When I save my documents to Tiff it splits them as multiple documents. I then need to combine these pages into one document. Tiff combiner allows me to do it without any hassles. I first bought this software about a year ago. In that time I have enjoyed using it immensely. It is easy to use.

- Eugennei.

We needed Image to PDF Converter to convert different types of image files to PDF format. The tool is excellent, very simple and almost instant! I have been very pleased with the ease and speed of the application!

- Bill Archer, Natures Naturals Ltd.

We can not able to find the software which exactly fulfils our requirements so thank you to make custom software in such sort time. Itís in great use in our small company and save lot of time.

- Larry Leiner.

Customization job winsome technologies did for us was great and exactly as per our requirements. Now our whole office use the system and it saves a lot of time.

- Martin Decelles.

I'm completely satisfied with the Image to PDF Converter. The quality of the PDF is very well. I'm using it mainly to convert TIFF files to PDF. I have nothing to complain about this tool.

- Dario Giancola.

Adobe's image to PDF converter is slow. I wanted a faster one. I have used your Image to PDF to convert numerous .tiff files to .pdf. I really like the speed of the software.

- Jeff Ross, Grant Thornton LLP.

It took me exactly 3 minutes to learn this software. That is best part of your tool simple and intuitive

- Simon Wilson

Great tool. Saves lots of our time. I've used it for almost 10,000 files and its fastest tool for counting and splitting, Error free.

- David Law.

Best tools available for TIFF images. Thanks for all of your support.

- Mark jones.

We brought copy of this software for everyone in the department. It's something we use everyday.

- Tyler Peatros.

Brilliant ! seems to have sorted my problem and Thank you for your excellent service.

- Richard Hamilton

Command line tool is in great use for us as we have automated our task using it.

- Rod Fields.

Thanks for brilliant service offered during development of the custom software.

- Roy Jones.

Thanks for your prompt reply and solving my queries so fast. I hope every company has such support.

- Rutter Harris.

Software worked great! I had 13000 reports that had to be combined into 668 zone reports. Didn't have one problem.

- Mike Putas.

My experience is good. It's easy to use and quick. It counted 30,000 PDFs in about an hour which was incredible!!!

- Nathan Jarvis.

I'm using your tools for two months & I want to tell you: It's really the best I found in the whole net. Speedy and error free. Thanks a lot.

- Thomas Robb.

True value for money tool its now part of our daily billing system.

- Angela Layton.

We use it for determining the pages within PDF images for sorting and printing. And it's perfect for our business requirement.

- Ajay Narayan, Post Fiji Limited.

Our SW accept only TIFF-format and often it is necessary to take out and replace the pages. TIFF Combiner is extremely fast and user-friendly.

- Annette Frotjold.